You have reached the Traditional Anglican and Episcopal Church Fellowship. Welcome! We are a fellowship of autocephalous churches, that is of independent churches that have come together in shared communion recognising each other’s Bishops and clergy whilst providing spiritual direction and oversight where requested or where a Traditional Anglican group are without a Bishop or even a clerk in Holy Orders. We seek to uphold the traditional teaching of the Anglican Church, the Book of Common Prayer and the Administration of the sacraments as continuing traditional Anglicans and Episcopalians.

For Traditional Anglicans who find themselves lost in the misleading contemporary rewriting of the holy tradition of the Church as witnessed in the gospels, explained in the epistles and by the Holy Father we offer a spiritual home in Christ. For a fuller understanding of what we understand by holy tradition and of a life lead in Christ within the Anglican tradition, please refer to the “A Traditional Anglican Faith’ produced by the Fellowship.

Membership of the Fellowship is open to all who accept in full the Holy Tradition of the Church and seek to uphold that Holy Tradition in their own lives before God. The fact that you have reached our website and have read through to here tells us that you could well be seeking to share and grow in Christ within the context of Traditional Anglican teaching: We offer the hand of Christian Fellowship and shared communion.

If you would like an initial contact to be made with you by our Fellowship Bishop at St Waltheof at Stow please email to this address.”